CNC Hydraulic Plate Punching Machine (PP103)

Basic Info.

Model NO.: PP103
Overall Size: 3020x2522x1880mm
Export Markets: South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Mid East, Eastern Asia

Product Description

1. Function Features:
The machine’s frame is welded structure with C type, good rigidity and big operation area. There are three dies. The die position can be exchanged automatically. The clamping system is suitable for plates with different thickness. There is stop locator at zero position. The workpiece is supported by work table with balls. The X axis and Y axis are driven by ball screw and servo motor, The holes’ position to be punched is controlled by dual-axis CNC system. The whole work process runs automatically, the work data can be repeatedly used automatically once it’s input into the computer by the operator.

2. Technical Features:
1) The frame body is sour washed and phosphide, with good anti-corrosion function, it’s also well vibrational ageing heat treated, with good rigidity;
2) Mechanical, Electrical, Pneumatical and Hydraulical systems well integrated, PLC control, servo motor infeeding;
3) Modular assembling for main functional components, easy maintenance, and self-diagnostic function;
4)Punching and marking can be fulfilled on one plate with less labour force and stable precision.

As to programming, either input data manually with free modification, or done directly by CAD or CAXA to program automatically.

Automatic Paper Punching Machine (CC450 CC650 CC880 CC1080)

Basic Info.


Model NO.: CC450 CC650 CC880 CC1080
Process: Finishing Process Machine
Usage: Packing Paper Machine
Type: Punching Machine
Automatic Grade: Automatic
Computerized: Yes
Certification: CE
Export Markets: Global

Product Description

By adopting advanced automatic die cutting technology, specially manufactured molds and unique body mechanism, the Dayuan automatic paper punching machine can punch thin paper slip with high speed and maximize the paper materials. With high efficiency and stable performance, it is an ideal appliance for punching various kinds of paper such as ice cream cone paper, cup paper, cover paper of fast noodle bowls and label paper, etc.

Unwinding Unit
It is easy to load and unload roll paper, which minimizes labor costs, and the operation is convenient. The fully automatic tension control system ensures a constant tension during the unwinding process, while the automatic bias correction system ensures horizontal die cutting with high precision, and the paper is not biased when feeding paper. The simple retroflexion alignment assembly is configured and the operation is quite easy.

Die Cutting Unit
The mold is specially designed according to different kinds of paper used for die cutting. The manual gourd is set at the upper part of the mold and the change is convenient. The machine body and mold frame are specially reinforced, giving it a fine rigidity. Specially manufactured molds are supplied which can punch thin paper slip and aluminum foil with high speed. It features smooth punching notch, neat stacking and convenient collection.

Feeding Unit
The unwinding method is used to feed paper with uniform speed, while the feeding speed is high during the die cutting interval. The dual-speed synchronous control feeding system is set for the buffer section in the middle, so continuous die cutting is available with a maximum speed of 250PCS/min.

Waste Cleaning Unit
After die cutting, the scrap material is automatically taken out through the belt conveyor, keeping the production environment neat and tidy.

Control Unit
PLC whole machine setting control is used for the touch screen. The setting of parameters is easy and the operation is convenient. Die cutting and feeding are controlled by the servo, and two die cutting modes (fixed length and color control scale tracking) can be selected. The die cutting features fast speed and high precision.


Power Press Jh21 C-Frame Single Crank, Punching Machine

Basic Info.

Model NO.: JH21 Series
Type: General Punching Machine
Power Source: Pneumatic
Controlling Mode: Artificial
Precision: High Precision
Automatic Grade: Automatic
Export Markets: Global

Product description
1. Steel welded body, tempering treatment or VSR (vibration stress relief), high hardness, precision and stability;
2. Vertical is located in the crankshaft, compact structure,
3. Crankshaft grinding process after high frequency quenching treatment;
4. Rectangular guide surface extension and green copper plate;
5. Pneumatic double balanced cylinder, balance block and punch weight to reduce noise and influence;
6. PLC control and import safety double valve;
7. Wet clutch and hydraulic overload protector.
Eight. CE certificate


Heavy Duty Paper Punching Machine

Basic Info.

Model NO.: SUPER600

Thickness: 50-70mm
Type: Punch
Punching Machine: Paper Punching Machine
Semi-Auto Punching Machine: Heavy Duty Punching Machine
Export Markets: Global

Product description
Heavy electric paper punching machine
Perforated thickness: 5.0 mm
Punching width: 600 mm
Stamping speed: 60 beats per minute
Punching margin can be in 2 mm to 6 mm (not including special die)
The operation is simple, foot switch. Comfortable operation.
24 hours of continuous work
Exchangeable stamping die for all loose-leaf binding system.
Closure is available double wire through the change for closed die mold
Change mould is quick and easy.
Power: 110/220 V ac 60/50 hz
Motor: 1500 w
Size: 1000 x640x1110 mm
Weight: 270 kilograms


CNC Turret Punching Machine

Product description
(I), with the German H + L and proportion servo valve hydraulic system, full cycle control, wonderful dynamic and static reaction. High resolution, no intermediate position dead zone, the very strong damping.
1. Speed regulation and stroke
A. punch stroke can choose according to table automatic thickness, and improve work efficiency.
B. punch speed adjustable in each point of each single station, the machine can realize high speed swift in empty operation and low velocity in the real power, in this way, can effectively improve the quality of holing, it is to do not have noise in the hole.
C. Accurate control puppy can make the process very convenient special workpiece.
2. automatic
3. Constant punch force in the entire program make punch quality high level, to ensure the stability of the process.
(2) and the casing is a process of the turret paired
Turret to deal with a special device, ensure concentricity of the upper and lower turret and expand the service life of tool; Tired of the turret simplified the turret structure to prolong service life, Long tools can be used to improve the guidance precision and extended tool service life (plate).
(III)  Imported pneumatic, lubrication and electrical components reliability ensure the whole machine.
(IV) Big lead guide and ball screw from Japan and Germany to ensure high precision feeding.
(V)Hard brush and ball mixed table reduce the noise and vibration in the operation and also protects the plate surface.
(VI) O-type welding framework has very loud twice, pressure has been removed completely.
(VII)Floating clamp with large clamping force to ensure the stable feeding, Comprehensive transportation security good stiffness, mobile and convenient clip.


Punch Machine (300)

Basic Info.

Model NO.: 300

Product description

Punching machine 300
Patent design
Punch up to 300 copies each time
Inside diameter: 4 mm & 6 mm
Standard hole from the opposite Angle: 20 mm
Standard hole from parallelism Angle: 70 mm and 80 mm and 108 mm
To blunt two boring, each 70 mm
Can impact three boring, each 80 mm
Machine size (mm) : 356 x138x495
Machine weight: 6 kg


Heavy Duty Electric Punching Machine (SUPER600)

Basic Info.


Model NO.: SUPER600
Thickness: 20-50mm
Type: Wire Binding Machine
Export Markets: Global
Additional Info.


Trademark: SUPU
Packing: 1PC/1case
Standard: CE, ETL, SAA Certification
Origin: China
HS Code: 84401090

Product Description

Heavy duty electric punching machine
Punching thickness: 5.0 mm
Punching width: 600 mm
Punching speed: 60time/minute
Power: 110/220 V AC 60/50Hz
Motor: 1500W
Dimension: 1000X640X1110 mm
Weight: 270kg
Easy operation by foot switch. Comfortable operation.
24 hours continuous working
Exchangeable punching dies for all loose-leaf binding system.
Changing of dies is quick and easy.


Classification of punching machine

CNC punching machine
Suitable for leather, cattle leather, artificial leather, plastic, PU, EVA, PVC, all kinds of cloth kind, the paper class, leather accessories, the instep, the bows, curtain, automotive leather chair, punching processing, widely used in auto parts (air cushion), bags handbags, stationery, shoes, breathable materials, advertising paper products, etc.

Mechanical punching machine
Mainly used YuHaiMian, leather, paper, non-woven fabrics and other large punching processing.

Pneumatic punching machine
Pneumatic punching machine also called pneumatic perforating machine, plastic bag punch, is auxiliary in bag making machine is a kind of pneumatic punching die. The bag making machine computer given signal transmission to the electromagnetic valve work pneumatic die. Its structure is similar to cold impact mold, plastic bags, paper is mainly used for the punch. The equipment in the 1990 s from Taiwan to the mainland. Technology verification: pneumatic perforating machine products mold base adopts precision casting alloy material production, stamping power choose high precision cylinder, punch is imported die steel (ASP – 60) structure fulfills the needs of stamping, beautiful appearance, operating frequency is high, the wear resistance is strong, long service life, the highest frequency can reach 320 times.

Hydraulic punching machine
Hydraulic punching machine suitable for L, H flat steel, copper bar and LvPai punching machine. Bottom design have flat, smooth but not sway. Single span type oil return, the mould adopts the high carbon tungsten alloy steel is not easy to damage. Especially CH – 60, CH – 70 separate hydraulic punching machine, specially used for Angle steel, flat iron, copper plate and sheet metal punch, especially suitable for electric power, construction and other industries in the field site operation.

Something about punching machine

Punching machine price
Press price generally only need to thousands of dollars.
The price of the punching machine in the fifty thousand yuan, the super automatic punching machine price at two hundred thousand pieces of or so.
Influence punch machine price is the main factor punching accuracy, precision every improve 1 wire (0.1 mm) the price will increase geometric times.

Punching machine precision
The world punching machine positioning error (accuracy) in 0.015 mm below, Germany and Japan in this aspect is in the lead, but the current domestic manufacturers also have reached this level.

Punching machine speed
At present about every minute can impact 4000 hole, according to the discretion of the degree of automation there will be a larger difference.

punching machine

For wafer processing, stamping, die, embossing and metal is forced into the mold of the movable part.

Punching machine and drilling machine comparison:
Drilling is to use bit in processing material to drill a hole process, and punching is gravity make bit undershoot pore forming process.
Punching machine is suitable for processing soft material, because drilling machine drill out of the hole will have burr, not flat.
Drilling machine is suitable for processing hard materials, because punching machine of the momentum will often make processing material produces crack.

Press and punching machine comparison:
Press and punching machine processing object is largely similar, press is divided into common punching machine, fast press, etc., due to the press need a feed system, so the volume is compared commonly big.
Punching machine is the further development of the press, it solved the press need to be independent feed system problem, so smaller.
Punching machine is divided into common punching machine, automatic punching machine (also called automatic positioning punching machine, automatic para punching machine), automatic punching machine, the super automatic punching machine, etc.
Common punching machine without automatic positioning system, which is equivalent to a solution to the problem of feeding of small punch.
Automatic punching machine in ordinary punching machine based on the increased automatic positioning system, greatly improving the punching accuracy and speed, can be understood as is a high precision automatic control of small punch.
Super automatic punching machine not only can customize orientation, but also can batch automatic feed, greatly saves the manpower.